Juvelyrikos valymo gelis ir teptukas

Juvelyrikos valymo gelis ir teptukasJuvelyrini? dirbini? valymo žel? su šepet?liu

Kompaktiška ir patogi juvelyrikos valymo priemon?. Šepet?lio pagalba saugiai ir kruopš?iai išvalysite ir sunkiai prieinamas vietas. Atkuria pradin? deimant?, kit? brangakmeni?, pusbrangi? akmen?, aukso, platinos žvilges?.

Netinka valyti perlams.

17,7ml. Modelis 1023




Connoisseurs® Jewelry Cleansing Gel & Brush™

Is compact, quick and easy. Apply the clear, specially formulated cleansing gel with the jewelry brush to create a foaming action for safe and thorough cleansing. Restores the original luster to diamonds, precious and semiprecious stones, gold and platinum jewelry.

• Not for use on pearls.

There’s nothing like it to take the work out of looking your best in no time flat.
Specially designed jewelry brush polishes jewelry surfaces safely and softly:
• Long angled tuft to reach into & clean jewelry setting
• Soft, bristled cup to fit & cleanse gemstones
• Wide, channeled surface to cleanse all other jewelry surfaces

17,7ml. Model #1023