Sidabro gamini? valymo servet?l?s

Sidabro gamini? valymo servet?l?sServet?l?s sidabrini? stalo ?ranki? valymui

Sausos vienkartin?s servet?l?s skirtos stalo ?ranki? ir ind? valymui. J? pagalba galima greitai atlikti didel? darb?. Greit ir lengvai pašalina pajuodavim? ir blizgina, padengia sidabr? juodavim? stabdan?ia danga. Nepalieka joki? p?dsak?, kaip b?na valant kremais, pastomis ar aerozoliais. Galima naudoti indus tuoj pat po valymo.

Pakuot?je yra 10 saus? vienkartini? servet?li?.

Servet?l?s matmenys 15,5 x  18 cm. Modelis 1030.


Connoisseurs® Silver Wipes™,  Just Wipe’n Serve™

Connoisseurs® Silver Wipes™ is the no-fuss, no-muss way to make short work out of a big job. Silver Wipes removes tarnish and polishes silver quickly and easily, leaving an anti-tarnish coating on your silver. Leaves none of the mess of traditional creams, pastes and spray products. Simply dispose of the wipes after use. Just in time for the guests to arrive.

One wipe cleans approximately four, 5-piece place settings of flatware. Or approximately 2-3 small or 1-2 large pieces like – tea pots, serving plates or bowls.

10 Dry Disposable Wipes per package.

15,5 x  18 cm, Model #1030